I'm Saved, Now What? New Believers Teacher's Manual

I'm Saved, Now What? New Believers Teacher's Manual
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Author: Pamela R. Smith

This is the TEACHER'S MANUAL and it has the New Believer's Handbook also. (two books in one).

We have received so many powerful testimonies from pastors and students all over who have taught from this book or used it for personal studies. Many churches use it for Bible class for their entire church, not just new believers.

One of the most detailed but user-friendly handbook for New Believers and for those desiring a refresher course. This book is packed with practical information to aid the new Believer in establishing a firm foundation in the things of God.

It can be used as a 12-week or more study course for your church's New Believer's Class or as a gift to new Believers. At the end of each chapter there are review questions.

The study guide is filled with scriptures to aid in your personal study or to assist teachers in equipping the new Believer.

This book is not just for the new Believer. There are some Christians who have been saved for quite some time but do not know the books of the bible or what salvation or justification really encompass, or how to deal with the war of the flesh, etc. Therefore, this book is not just for the recently saved but for all those seeking knowledge on growing in their walk with the Lord.

What pastors are saying about "I'm Saved, Now What?-New Believer's Handbook?

"This book has everything you need to get a solid foundation in your walk with the Lord" - pastor in Georgia

"This book will be used for my entire church because we all need this teaching!" -pastor in North Carolina

We are going to use this book in our bible class". -pastor in North Carolina

"I haven't seen a book like this before, easy to follow and packed with everything you need to instruct others in righteousness" -bishop in Detroit

Excellent! -pastor in Ohio

"Outstanding study tool". -Pastor in Florida

"This is the most detailed, easy to understand, power-packed training tool that every Christian should use" -pastor in China

8.5 x 11, 202 pages, Each chapter has review questions.

Visit www.turningpointpublications.com to download sample chapters.

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