Here's a Good Man

Here's a Good Man
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Great for Father's Day or any day you're looking for a positive male role model). Sterling is a hard working Christian man who loves his wife but finds himself left alone picking up the pieces. This play is an excellent example of a "Good Man".


Marcia Johnston - (Sterling's wife - 30-36 years old; attractive and high maintenance. She's a Senior Purchasing Manager for a large firm and earns a good salary)

Toni - (Marcia's friend - 35 years old. Very self-confident and outgoing)

Destiny - (30-35 years old, Marcia and Toni's friend)

Sterling Johnston - (main character - mid 35-36. Successful MIS Manager for a large public firm and a strong Christian and loving husband and father. )

Andre - (early 30s - Destiny's boyfriend)

Marlon - (age 8, Sterling and Marcia's son)

Precious Bradley - (age 28-30) - Johnston's new neighbor. She is attractive and somewhat flirtatious.

Charlotte - (age 40-45 - Marcia's very wise and compassionate sister)

Ricky - (age 45 - Charlotte's husband and Sterling's close friend)

Lonnie (age 45, very successful single man who has a crush on Marcia. Owns a car dealership)

1 hour in length

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