Giving Birth to Your Purpose

Giving Birth to Your Purpose
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Purpose is what alludes many. From all walks of life, the age old question is, "Why am I here?"

This book walks you through the various stages of giving birth to your purpose - from conception to delivery. It will inspire you to seek your purpose and challenge you to embrace it.

The testimonies from this book keep coming. Churches are using it in leadership and bible classes.

Table of Contents

Chapter One


Chapter Two


When Opportunity Collides with Purpose

Fertilizing Purpose

Being in the Right Soil

Chapter Three

Knowing You Have Conceived

The Test

Chapter Four

Not Aborting Purpose

What Can Cause an Abortion



Believing That Delay is Denial

Refusing to Launch Out

Lack of Will

Lack of Focus

Chasing Money Instead of Following Purpose

Refusing to Release Offenses

Succumbing to Fear

Not Understanding Your Purpose

Chapter Five

Labor Pains


Pushing too Soon

Chapter Six

Having Strength to Deliver

Failure to Plan

Be Careful What You Digest


62 pages



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