Called Alongside - Ministering in the Spirit of an Armorbearer

Called Alongside - Ministering in the Spirit of an Armorbearer
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Author: Pamela Smith

Used by churches throughout the country for leadership training for ministers and every department in the church!

Among our best-selling books - a must for everyone serving in the church!

Armorbearing is not just for those with the title of "armorbearer" but for all those who serve in the church. This is a book for all those who desire to enhance their ability to serve more effectively in the church. Every armorbearer, associate pastor, minister, usher, choir member, minister of music, teacher, deacon, church secretary, church administrator and anyone else who serves in a church can benefit from this resourceful book. It provides practical insight into ways to help strengthen your pastor's hands, to serve your church more effectively and to aid in expanding the Kingdom of God.

Table of Contents



What is an Adjutant?

Duties of an Adjutant/Armorbearer

Duties of Those with the Official Title of Armorbearer / Adjutant:

Minister of Music

Musicians, Choir Members and Praise Team Members

Musicians, Praise Team and Choir Members Must be:

Church Administrator / Office Staff

Associate Pastors / Ministers, Deacons , etc




It is an Attitude of the Heart

Esteeming Others Above Self

Knowing the Spirit / Heart of Your Leader

Flowing in Sync with the Vision of the House Where You Are Planted

Having the Ability to Wait on Your Season While God Promotes Your Leader

What is an Armorbearer?

Biblical Examples of Armorbearers

Ministering in the Spirit of an Armorbearer is Vital to the Ministry


Qualifications and Roles of an Adjutant / Armorbearer

Faithful; Move from Servant to Son; Intercessor; Demon-Free; Free From the Spirit of Rejection; What Are Some of the Signs of Operating in a Spirit of Rejection?; Able to Keep Confidentiality; Don't Have a Need to Prove Something; Must be Planted in the House; Knows and Understands Boundaries and Operates Within Those Boundaries; Roles of an Armorbearer


The Motives of Your Heart; What are Motives?; How Can You Tell If You Have Pure Motives?; The Danger of Impure Motives; Reasons for Impure Motives


The Leading of the Lord and the Leading of the Set Vision; Understanding the Leading of the Lord


Identifying Wrong Spirits

Guarding Yourself Against the Spirit of Gehazi; Warning Signs of the Gehazi Spirit;The Danger of Feeling Ignored; You Do Things to Get Attention;You Rebel; You Receive a Gift That Was Not Yours to Receive

Identifying and Overcoming the Absalom Spirit; Warning Signs: "If I Were in Charge"; Deceptive and Unassuming; Thinking That You Are More in Touch Than Leadership; Believing in Your Own Press; Verbalizing Your Agreement With Disgruntle Members; Being a Great Manipulator;Becoming a Catalyst for a Power Struggle; You Surround Yourself with "Yes Men"' Looking For Ways to Prove How Much You Know or How Gifted You Are; Openly Voicing Your Disapproval of Leadership?s Decisions or Actions; Failing to Pray for Your Pastor and Others in Leadership; Competing with Leadership

The Haman Spirit: Warning Signs: Glory Seeker; Prideful; Power Hungry; Revengeful; Manipulator; Insensitive

The Hazael Spirit: Signs to Watch: Manipulative;Conniving;Hidden Agendas; Wrong Motives;Seeking Promotion Instead of God; Self-Centered-Not Ministry Centered; Impatient

Identifying and Overcoming the Jezebel Spirit: Signs to Watch: Controlling; Manipulative;Slanderer;Selfishness;Befriends Those Close to Leadership;Usurps Authority; Attributes;Gifted;Loves War;Seductive; Intimidating; How Does Jezebel Gain Control? Unholy Alliance; Manipulation;Opinion Valued More Than Trusted Leaders; Abdication of Authority; Failure to Heed God?s Voice; Trying Too Hard Not to Offend


When It Is Not Your Turn; Obscurity;Understanding Order; This is About Ministry; Do Not Die in Your Winter;Do Not Allow Frustrations to Cause You to Die in Your Winter


War Among Adjutants;What Causes Conflicts;Having a Need to Be the "Favored One"; Insecurity;Competition;Spiritual Immaturity; Poor Communication;Offenses;Not Developing Proper Relationships


Brokenness; Brokenness Empowers You to Do What is Right; Brokenness Empowers You to Go to Your Next Level;Brokenness Empowers You to Walk into Your Destiny-Baggage Free;Brokenness Exposes Pride and Delivers You; Brokenness Helps You to See That Strength Without Brokenness is Dangerous;Brokenness Helps You Understand that It Is Not About You But Kingdom; Stages of Brokenness;Surviving the Testing


Being an Armorbearer / Adjutant in a Difficult Environment;What Can Cause a Rift?;Failure to Develop Proper Relationships;Favor with the People;Wrong Reactions to False Reports

8.5 X 11, 160 pages


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